Loving playing guitar and singing from a young age, Lisa began her journey in song writing as a teenager, marrying poetry with music.  As an original songwriter, she shares and records her soulful reflections of place, nature and their connection with spirit. Lisa loves to sing from the heart, and while she mainly uses acoustic guitar to accompany her music, she has also injected some electric guitar, ukulele, mandolin, the lyre, Shruti, drum and even the tin whistle into the process of creating music.


Writing and recording two self-produced albums Sunflowers, 2011 and In The Lost And Found, Disc 1 and Disc 2, 2016, more recently, a collection of songs have emerged as Earth and SPIRIT, 2019. Lisa has treasured the opportunity to share Earth and SPIRIT and a selection of original songs through collaborative events with the Shining Hearts Wellness Studio Team.


Delving into the world of Integral Sound Healing has opened up a whole new world of exploration of sound vibration for Lisa. Learning to use the Voice, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong, Tuning Forks and the Shamanic Drum to assist in deep relaxation, healing and wellness.


Playing with a selection of music configurations over the years, Lisa continues to connect with Sound Artist, Stephen Oakes to create soulful ambient electronica. They began collaborating in 2009 with Lisa contributing vocals to Stephen's compositions as on Mutawintji, 2010 and then releasing the EP Adrift in 2013. Their offerings incorporate both electronica ambient layered tracks and more stripped back offerings such as Shore, 2018, which weave nature sounds with piano, synth and voice. 


As the artistic director of the Perpetual Echoes Project launched in 2015 at Geelong After Dark in Geelong, Lisa worked in partnership with Belinda Densley (McArdle), Sue Hindle and Stephen Oakes to respond musically to six artworks from the Geelong Gallery Collection, with thanks to Geelong Gallery, the support of Community Music Victoria and a grant from the City of Greater Geelong.


Another harmonious merging at this time created the delightful sounds of Aïr-thereal, with Sandy Dickinson on Handpan, Stephen Oakes on Harmonium and percussion, and Lisa contributing a mix of vocals, guitar and percussion. The album, Solace, 2016 is a unique acoustic infusion drifting on airwaves and weaving this world to another, resonating with Middle Eastern, Asian and Celtic influences. 

Lisa met Belinda Densley through her community singing group, Acabellas and a creative partnership through music blossomed as Like Honey. They released a debut album, Bliss in 2007, offering listeners stunning folk inspired original music delivered with beautiful energy and play. This album features special guest musicians, Rick Kaylor Thomson, Dave Steel, Peter Roberts and Luke Watt.

As a community-based musician and artist for 20 years, Lisa likes the mix of creative engagement in singing, song writing and teaching with the use of voice and instruments. She finds it enriching to work in collaboration with others and to embrace a diversity of creative projects. Working with adults or children, Lisa is passionate about supportively allowing space for ‘being’, ‘play’ and ‘connection’. This creates a vital context to experience music and bring nourishment through personal exploration and expression. Creating a safe, inclusive environment to explore, learn, develop and play with song, rhythm and music is core in enabling this.

Lisa has been guiding people to sing and make music in a variety of community contexts and her qualifications include Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki Level 1, ANZCA Grade 6 Modern Singing and Grade 3 Music Theory, Drumbeat Facilitation Training, Cert III in Adult Education, Cert IV in Assessment and Training, Working with Children’s Check, Level 1 Vocal Sound Healing, Level 1 Foundation Integral Sound Healing, Diploma in Soul Focused Psychotherapy, 15 years of Community Music Facilitation and Teaching Artist Experience. Currently she is deepening her knowledge through the Diploma of Integral Sound Healing which will enable her to provide sessions as a practitioner and uniquely meld together her skills and experience.


Soul Focused Psychotherapy has been a profound tool in assisting Lisa on her individual journey and as a qualified practitioner, offers individual sessions to assist others on their life path.

With experience working in a variety of contexts, Lisa has worked with The Song Room (a National organisation delivering arts-based programs to disadvantaged schools and communities) and as an independent Teaching Artist in Schools, working on a variety of projects and invited as a regular mentor artist with Bluebird Foundation’s Athena’s Guild Songwriting Project.


For well over 10 years, Lisa was blessed to learn and collaborate as part of the Acabellas team with Belinda Densley and Sue Hindle, leading community singing and music in Geelong. Since moving to the Surf Coast in 2017, Lisa established SingLisa Music, offering group music with Singing with Strings & Things, Singing As Meditation, Vocal Sounds and Song Healing, a monthly Drum Circle and individual tuition in voice, ukulele and guitar in Torquay.


Working part-time in education at a high school in Geelong, Lisa's roles include the Sustainability Leader and Learning Support where she developed a specialised Garden Program one day a week for selected students.


In 2019, Lisa embraced the role of co-managing the Shining Hearts Wellness Studio along with the team in Torquay and with this amazing learning opportunity, offered many of her services from this incredible space. In 2020, Singing with Strings and Things and the monthly Healing Moon were offered from the beautiful, tranquil space in Breamlea, Bancoora In and then remotely online. Along with the many other Soul Focused Psychotherapists, Lisa is grateful for the opportunity to offer her music alongside the group of dedicated practitioners and therapists as Wellness Gateway.


Throughout 2020, as we were asked to change some of the ways we operate, Lisa has been offering online sessions.


Lisa’s vision is to create deep soulful light-filled music that brings healing, connection and awakens people to their inner world so collectively and individually we can all blossom and grow.