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The Sounds of Lisa Singline

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THE MOORABOOL, was specially written to accompany The River Moorabool, an environmental film released in 2021 by Sheoaks Films.  Featuring Lisa on guitar and vocals, and keys by Stephen Oakes.

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SHORE is a simple ambient offering. Live recordings of the ocean and electronic loops created by Stephen Oakes interlaced with instrumental vocals from Lisa Singline.

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IN THE LOST AND FOUND is an intimate double album from the heart. With beautiful fragility, Lisa Singline takes you on an emotive crossing through the realms of the lost and found (Disc 1 - LOST and Disc 2 - FOUND). Completed live at Lisa's Peach Tree Studio, it honours the life and existence of this collection of songs, written between 2008 - 2016.


SOLACE takes you on a delicate journey drawing inspiration from the natural world and interwoven with instrumental accompaniment. A unique acoustic infusion drifting on airwaves and weaving this world to another, resonating with Middle Eastern, Asian and Celtic influences. 
Aïr-thereal features the unique sounds created by Sandy Dickinson (SanD) on Handpan, Stephen Oakes on Indian Harmonium and Djembe and Lisa Singline’s sublime vocals with guitar.

Recordings: Music
Recordings: Music

With their EP release, ADRIFT in 2013, the dreamlike sounds of Fluere soulfully cradles the listener, floating on the waters. Soundscapes from electronic musician, Stephen Oakes fused with the vocal and instrumental prowess of Lisa Singline, meld into a distinctive music partnership. Fluere, which translates in Latin as ‘to flow’, embraces their conceptual vision to convey elements of life through story as song.



Lisa Singline

Sway as you follow the direction of the sun’s gaze, to the uplifting, whimsy of SUNFLOWERS. This album was created in 2011 to share within community singing groups with all songs, music and recordings created by Lisa Singline with the exception of lyric contributions from Helen Budge on 'Welcome' and Bruce Hedding on 'In This Place'.

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