Take some time out for yourself to just BE.

In this meditation, Lisa Singline will lead you on a journey using song and sound. 

Be gently guided to explore and use your voice or simply allow yourself to bathe in song. 

Linger in the silences between songs.

A selection of beautiful sound instruments will be integrated in the session to assist you to deepen in to rest and release. 

*With our changing times these sessions are sometimes offered online. Please set up a beautiful space safe at home for yourself to relax and enter into the meditation. Please use headphones so as to optimise the sound quality.


“Having participated in a number of Singing As Meditation classes, I can unequivocally say that Lisa offers a true gift to our community in the form of her beautiful voice, gorgeous choice of songs and expert partnership with her guitar. Through these three things and her divine nature, she shares and encourages sharing of the soul-full voice through song and sound.  I went along to my first class with some trepidation knowing that my voice and ears were total beginners, however Lisa enabled me to open to the beauty of my own sound and then to feel the peace and calm within that follows.  I feel incredibly uplifted after every class.” – Carey Semple

"Singing as meditation is a new concept Lisa Singline has devised based on many years of facilitating community singing groups. Lisa has always cultivated an awareness of the environment, seasons and the sacred in her groups but in Singing as Meditation she incorporates a conscious meditative process that deepens the experience and leaves an abiding sense of peace. Poetic, melodic, rhythmic, harmonic; the sounds we produce together reverberate through the body, mind and spirit and wash away everyday woes."  - Caroline Cara Denigan