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Soul Focused Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that is an exploration into the soul. In this therapy, we can learn to utilise more than the thinking mind and connect with the physical, emotional, spiritual and higher parts of ourselves.


In a Soul Focused Psychotherapy session, a safe, non-judgemental space is created to assist in the exploration of the inner world; a discovery of thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs which lay deep within the subconscious.


Psychotherapy can assist with bringing greater understanding and balance in

navigating life transitions, relationship issues, life direction and purpose. 


A space is held to assist you to uncover, discover and step into a more fully present you. 

Individual sessions are offered in Torquay or via Zoom.

75mins, $90/ 90mins $110


Allow the unique vibrations of sound to bring healing and wellness with Integral Sound Healing.

Integral Sound Healing is a dynamic and interactive process utilising sound vibrations with intention, to create greater harmony and balance, to bring healing. Within a session the experience is often profoundly relaxing and allows the body, emotions, mind and soul to deeply rest. 

Sound Healing Instruments may include a selection of Voice, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Buffalo Drum, Gongs, percussion, and bells.

Individual sessions are offered in Torquay or via Zoom.

75mins, $100/ 90mins $120

Immersive group sound bath experiences are available.




“I went to a sound healing session with Lisa and was transported to a place deep within where there were no thoughts, deep relaxation and a feeling of peace. Lisa works intuitively with her voice and the instruments to assist you to reach a place where your soul requires you to go. I will certainly be back, thanks Lisa.” - Diddie

"Highly recommend the sessions and Lisa as a Sound Healer Practitioner has a ‘powerful’ voice that will resonate through any blocks and tension. A great stress release!" - Kim Hurley

I went to see Lisa for Sound Healing in a state of nervous system dysregulation; my body was in fight or flight mode after a pretty hefty life-triggering event. Lisa’s calm and loving presence held space for me as I expressed the situation, then gently and succinctly helped me to formulate an intention for today’s session. Because Lisa is also a Soul Psychotherapist, she is able to listen in a deep way, and partner with my soul as it seeks clarity and clearing of blocks. Then came the most beautiful and relaxing part as I lay on the table, cosily tucked in with blankets and pillows, and nurtured by the intuitively-delivered sounds.  It’s a very difficult thing to put into words, and too subtle for the thinking mind to grasp, but it’s like I BECAME the vibrations. I left that day feeling settled, grounded and calm, and continued to hold my intention daily, along with simple ’sound homework’ to integrate the session.
Over a series of four sessions, I can only say that I was transformed. There was always the all-important intention-setting and visualisation, the delivery of wonderful sounds and toning that transported me 'somewhere else', some deep insights that came in, and grounding practices to solidify the shifts I was having. The external situation evolved and resolved. I don’t understand the science of it all, but it feels that there are vibrational shifts happening that allow internal shifts to manifest on cellular, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.
I am so grateful for the work that Lisa is doing to bring deep healing to her clients.
I just LOVE Sound Healing! - Barb

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