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Soul Therapy with Sound assists in bringing greater balance and harmony as you learn to utilise more than the thinking mind and connect and become more conscious with the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of yourself. Explore the blocks that may arise as thoughts, emotions, feelings, stories, and beliefs which are preventing you from stepping into living your best life.

Learn to identify the underlying behaviours and beliefs that limit your ability to fully participate in life. Soul Therapy with Sound sessions are designed to move you out of your head and what you think about your experience, and into your heart to feel the experience, release it, and reorientate through a journey of greater awareness, all assisted by sound.

Soul Therapy with Sound can assist with:

Finding new direction and purpose

Navigating a life crisis or breakdown

Major life transitions

Relationship issues

Depression and anxiety

Addictive and destructive behaviours

Having a more kind, compassionate and loving approach toward self and others

Gaining new insights, understanding and perspectives

Moving through stuckness and blockages

Increased confidence and optimism

Life affirming and life changing

Experiencing life more fully

Being more present to each moment

Learning to respond to situations rather than react

Greater resilience to challenges and change

May-June Special

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1:1 Sound Therapy Session in May

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1:1 Soul Therapy with Sound

60min session

1:1 Soul Therapy with Sound

60min 4 session journey

1:1 Soul Therapy with Sound

90min session

1:1 Soul Therapy with Sound

90min 4 session journey

“Lisa has a soft, deep soul quality about her which instantly creates a sense of trust when in her presence.  During a Soul Therapy and Sound session with Lisa her gentle nature, combined with her deep soul connection to the medium of music, promotes a feeling of openness and healing.  I highly recommend a healing session with Lisa, not only to help you to connect to your own soul and spirit but also to assist you to let go of limiting emotions and beliefs. At the end of the session, I felt a sense of expansion, peace, and wellness.   Thank you, Lisa, you are amazing!”

Nicole Docksey, Primary school Teacher

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