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The gentle modalities of Reiki and Sound Healing bring the energetic body back into balance, and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A Reiki with Sound Session can assist in loosening up blocked energy patterns, and bring greater harmony and balance to the energy body on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level, promoting a state of total relaxation.. 


One or more instruments may be used in the session with each instrument holding a unique sound and vibration that correspond with the body's frequency. During an in-person session, with permission from the client, there may be laying on of hands or of sound instruments on the body where required. Book your session today!

1:1 Reiki with Sound 

45min session

1:1 Reiki with Sound

45min 3 session journey

1:1 Reiki with Sound

60min session

1:1 Reiki with Sound

60min 3 session journey

“Lisa creates a warm and soothing safe space that allows your mind and body to completely take a break from all the outer noise and inner chatter too! Lisa creates the opportunity for you to fully let go and have a deep rest through the guidance of her voice and music."

Kimberley Hurley, Torquay

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