SingLisa Music

“connecting and creating music from the soul”

Passionate about supportively allowing space for being, play and connection.

With the aim to create deep, soulful, yet light-filled music, that connects, awakens and brings healing.

Based along the beautiful Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia.

As a community-based singer songwriter, Lisa offers a variety of musical experiences as SingLisa Music including:

Singing with Strings & Things

Music Lessons in Voice or Guitar or Ukulele

Singing As Meditation

Earth and Spirit

Drum Circle



Bring some JOY into your week!

Do you play a musical instrument and love to sing?

Explore and develop your musical skills with a fun supportive group.

Be guided by Lisa to learn a variety of songs with a separate focus on vocals and playing.


ALL instruments and skill levels are welcome.

Guitar, ukulele, drums, percussion, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, flute, violin, keyboard, bass, harmonium, pure vocals and auto harp

have all had an appearance in the group…with many more welcome!

SwS&T 2021 Casual Online Sessions

Thursday 7-8pm - $22 per session via Zoom

Weekly from 7th October - 16th December 2021

You are very welcome to join in for a hearty sing on Thursday evenings, now with the flexibility of weekly casual sessions.

Set up your musical instrument/s in the comfort of home, do some warm ups and get ready to use your voice!

We are revisiting some favourites from across the years with a variety of amazing songs.

Learn with seperate focus on playing and vocals where required. Inclusive of all musical instruments.

While there are some limitations with sharing music via Zoom, the group dynamic is friendly and supportive, and the sense of connection through music is still very much alive...and it’s sooo good to still be making music in some form together.

Everyone welcome.


“A safe, friendly and fun space for people at all musical levels to sing and explore their instruments together. The beautiful songs Lisa writes or selects evolve from week to week as we all develop new skills and make our personal contributions.” – Kerstin Lindros

“Singing with Strings & Things is a joyful part of my life.  After receiving a random gift of a ukulele, some friends recommended that I go to Lisa Singline for lessons.  Having never played an instrument or sung in front of other people, I was unsure and anxious.  Lisa is warm, generous and caring and helped me make a start.   Strings ‘N Things includes people of different talents and skills but they are a welcoming group.  Over the years that I have been part of this group I have seen Lisa introduce a wide variety of songs and guide us through both the playing and singing of them, many with harmonies.  The repertoire provides a range of challenges of playing and singing and I can hear how we continue to grow and make wonderful noise.  The spirit and heart of Strings ‘N Things is Lisa.  From her own compositions to clever transpositions of songs that make them more accessible and suitable for all members of the group.  As a wonderful and talented performer in her own right, Lisa is an inspiration to each of us as we move along our own musical journey.” - David Heffer

Voice ~ Guitar ~ Ukulele

Sessions are directed for individual learning with sensitivity and care.  A mix of practical, technical and theoretical aspects of music are offered with an interactive approach for students to have direct input on their individual learning outcomes so that it is fun and engaging.

An intuitive approach is taken with working around any blocks to progress. There is an option to concentrate on one instrument at a time or incorporate a combination of singing or guitar or ukulele within the lesson.

Adult 45 mins $40, Child 30 mins $30

Availability on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lessons are offered in Torquay or via Zoom.

Enquiries welcome.


Take some time out for yourself to just BE.

In this meditation, Lisa Singline will lead you on a journey using song and sound. 

Be gently guided to explore and use your voice or simply allow yourself to bathe in song. 

Linger in the silences between songs.

A selection of beautiful sound instruments will be integrated in the session to assist you to deepen in to rest and release. 

*With our changing times these sessions are offered online. Please set up a beautiful space safe for yourself to relax and enter into the meditation. Please use headphones so as to optimise the sound quality.


“Having participated in a number of Singing As Meditation classes, I can unequivocally say that Lisa offers a true gift to our community in the form of her beautiful voice, gorgeous choice of songs and expert partnership with her guitar. Through these three things and her divine nature, she shares and encourages sharing of the soul-full voice through song and sound.  I went along to my first class with some trepidation knowing that my voice and ears were total beginners, however Lisa enabled me to open to the beauty of my own sound and then to feel the peace and calm within that follows.  I feel incredibly uplifted after every class.” – Carey Semple

"Singing as meditation is a new concept Lisa Singline has devised based on many years of facilitating community singing groups. Lisa has always cultivated an awareness of the environment, seasons and the sacred in her groups but in Singing as Meditation she incorporates a conscious meditative process that deepens the experience and leaves an abiding sense of peace. Poetic, melodic, rhythmic, harmonic; the sounds we produce together reverberate through the body, mind and spirit and wash away everyday woes."  - Caroline Cara Denigan


Relax, unwind and rest in the experience; be bathed in vocal sounds with song and silence. Allow the vibrations of sound to bring unique healing and wellness. Lisa uses her unique voice, accompanied with a selection of instruments specifically chosen for their healing qualities. These may include Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Buffalo Drum, lyre, guitar or Shruti, intuitively to share a mix of original songs, chants and improvisation required in the session.


Sessions are offered in Torquay or via Zoom.

“I went to a sound healing session with Lisa and was transported to a place deep within where there were no thoughts, deep relaxation and a feeling of peace. Lisa works intuitively with her voice and the instruments to assist you to reach a place where your soul requires you to go. I will certainly be back, thanks Lisa.” – Diddie


Akin to a House Concert, Lisa shares her collection of more recent songs embodied with Earth and SPIRIT.

As an original songwriter, Lisa shares and records her soulful reflections of place, nature and their connection with spirit. As a performer, her music has a way of wrapping around an audience and through story, invites others into her world. She loves to sing from the heart and mainly uses acoustic guitar and sometimes ukulele, shruti, lyre and drum to accompany her music. Contact Lisa to discuss performance opportunities for community events and intimate listening spaces.



FEEL your rhythm! Allow an integrated body experience through drumming.


A Drum Circle is a great way to get in touch with your own rhythm using the Djembe and percussion instruments. Designed for all levels of experience; be supported within the group to learn a diverse range of rhythms with the opportunity for improvisation. 


*Regular sessions have currently paused due to our changing restrictions and study commitments, and will resume at a future date. 

Enquiries for Workshop bookings are welcome.



"Meet people in a light hearted environment...release tension, learn rhythms, re-centre mentally and have lots of fun." - Claire Terpstra

"It's wonderful. Lisa ensures everyone who attends is enable to participate. Climb on the drumming wave and ride it all the way to bliss and contentment." - Caroline Denigan



Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki Level 1, ANZCA Grade 6 Modern Singing and Grade 3 Music Theory, Drumbeat Facilitation Training, Cert III in Adult Education, Cert IV in Assessment and Training Modules, Working with Children's Check, 15 years of Community Music Facilitation and Teaching Artist Experience, Level 1 Foundation in Sound Healing with Voice, Level 1 Foundation Integral Sound Healing, currently completing a Diploma in Soul Focused Psychotherapy and Diploma in Integral Sound Healing

International Institute of Complimentary Therapists
Community Music Victoria